Inspection of Chain sling

Inspection for Alloy steel Chian sling 


 Documented inspection:

Alloy chain slings must be required to have a documented inspected within every 12 month period per EN standard.

In case of an inspection is performed on January of one year ,then the next documented inspection can be delayed until December of the following year. Counting it will be approx. 23 months period between inspections.

Importantly! It is a long sufficient time span for any slings use,they are close to being removed based on various inspection criteria to continue to deteriorate well beyond the minimum requirements. Due to the frequency and severity of use, the documented inspection interval frequency may be required to be increased to be once every 3 or 6 months.

A successful sling inspection will be responsible for the result of the  working together

 Visual inspection:

Visual inspections performed by the qualified personnel or other assigned personnel is vitical to ensure compliance with the provisions of EN818-4 standard.

Inspection Intervals required as below:

Normal use – once a month

Heavy use – once a week to once a monthly

Severe use – once a day to once a week

Special or infrequent use – outlined as specified by a qualified individual prior to and following each use.


Any lifting chain slings that has been idle for a period of one month to a year shall undergo a frequent inspection prior to use.