lifting polyester webbing sling GS CE

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Product Description

Duplex Flat  Webbing Sling China supplier 

Material: High tenacity 100% Polyester
Safety Factor: 6:1,  7:1,  8:1
Layers: One layer to four layers
Characteristic: WLL & Length printed,Low elongation
Package:Single packed in shrinking foil or plastic with Certificate of Conformity

Length:any meters are available

Eye&Eye webbing sling is made of high tenacity 100% polyester webbing with reinforced eye loops at both layer to four layers,which we usually call Simplex webbing sling,Duplex webbing sling,Triplex webbing sling and Quadraplex.And the eyes can be made into Flat eyes,Twisted eyes,and Reversed eyes.Eye-eye webbing slings are versatile as they can be used in choker, vertical, or basket hitches.Polyester fabric has low elongation, so it's better able to hold the load without the risk of shocking.

1.Before use, select the correct flat webbing or round sling with regard to its application, capacity and the surface conditions of the load.
2.Please examine the condition of the webbing sling or round sling.  
3.The permissible capacity of the slings must not be exceeded.
4.Never shorten a sling by knotting.
5.Flat webbing slings and round slings must not be placed around sharp edges or over rough surfaces, use wear sleeves and edge protectors where necessary.
6.Flat webbing slings should be applied in such a way, that the carry the load over the full sling width.
7.Loads may only be placed on slings if damage is precluded. Do not drag slings fromunder load, position the sling correctly to ensure easy removal after use.
8.Position slings in such a way, that they hold the load securely.
9.In "chokef" lifts, only use flat webbing sling with rein forced eyes.
10.Using flat webbing slings with eyes, the eye opening angle should not exceed the connecting point.

Conformity EC Council Direcive 2006/42/EC Machinery

S.F 6:1 7:1 8:1
WLL(kg) Stock No Width M.B.S Stock No Width M.B.S Stock No Width M.B.S
1000 WR 6010 25/38mm 6t WR 7010 30/50mm 7t WR 8010 50mm 8t
2000 WR 6020 50mm 12t WR 7020 60mm 14t WR 8020 65mm 16t
3000 WR 6030 75mm 18t WR 7030 90mm 21t WR 8030 95mm 24t
4000 WR 6040 100mm 24t WR 7040 120mm 28t WR 8040 120mm 32t
5000 WR 6050 125mm 30t WR 7050 150mm 35t WR 8050 150mm 40t
6000 WR 6060 150mm 36t WR 7060 180mm 42t WR 8060 180m 48t
8000 WR 6080 200mm 48t WR 7080 240mm 56t WR 8080 240mm 64t
10000 WR 6100 250mm 60t WR 7100 300mm 70t WR 8100 300mm 80t
12000 WR 6120 300mm 72t WR 7120 300mm 84t / / /
MEMO JB/T8521.1   EN1492.1 AS1353

Price Terms︰ CIF or FPB
Payment Terms︰ T/T,L/C
Lead Time︰ 20 Days
Standards Certificate︰ EN1492-1

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